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Customer Success Story

Registered Email™ Service

Chicago-based law firm, Engel & Siegel LLC had the experience of not being able to prove that there was an enclosed letter in the certified mail envelope in court. So, they chose RMail® Registered Email™ service as an alternative to certified mail. RMail® provided them with court-admissible forensics that proved email delivery, email message content and attached documents with timestamped open reports.

Summary of Benefits

Despite having a USPS green card, Chicago-based law firm, Engel & Siegel LLC was not able to prove mail content in court after the recipient claimed the certified mail envelope was empty. Since then, Donald Engel, managing partner of Engel & Siegel, reports that they have been sending important correspondence and legal notices as Registered Email messages using RMail® Registered Email™ service. They have used RMail® court-admissible forensics on two occasions successfully where the judge ruled in their favor. Both state and federal courts have accepted RMail® proof of email delivery, and proof of email message content and attached documents.