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Customer Success Story

Registered Email™ and Email Encryption

Butcher Robinson & Staples, a leading independent insurance broker at Lloyd’s, used RMail® email encryption service to secure email messages that had details about their banking customers and documents having confidential insurance terms. For collections, they have used Registered Receipt™ to authenticate email delivery with timestamps and prove email message content & documents attached in the event of a dispute.

Summary of Benefits

Just about every insurance dispute is about ‘who knew what when’ and RMail® solves this problem. Jon Leech, Development Director at Butcher Robinson & Staples International LTD, implemented RMail® and solved many of their issues all at once. Butcher Robinson & Staples completely migrated to RMail® from traditional postal or courier services in order to send emails with sensitive information securely, track & prove email delivery and email message content. With portfolios in insurance and re-insurance in South America, Middle East and Europe, Butcher Robinson & Staples reduced costs by eliminating postal or courier services in these locations.