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Customer Success Story

Registered Email™ and Email Encryption

As compliance requirements are increasing in the Group Health Insurance Industry, simple password-protected file sharing is no longer sufficient. So, Phil Tan, CFO and overseer of IT operations at Beere & Purves, spent several months researching a solution and chose RMail® because it was easy to learn and with minimal client service disruptions. Further, he was also benefited from legal proof of email delivery and email message content with timestamps.

Summary of Benefits

Phil Tan, CFO of Beere & Purves, a General Agency in California, tested several services ranging from expensive gateway products to REST services before selecting RMail®. He chose RMail® because it not only met their criteria but also because it offered litigation-ready Registered Receipt™ proof of email delivery and message content with timestamps. He also found RMail® easy to use requiring minimal administration.