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RMail: SideNote®, Metadata Clean, Email Imposter Protection

RMail® features like SideNote® private notes, metadata removal, and “Anti-Whaling” email imposter protection provide additional sending features for convenience and security. Whether the sender is sending an important email to a client, partner, or colleague, these tools are available included, automated or as one-click additional options.

Summary of Features and Benefits

No matter what platform senders use to send email, RMail® adds a variety of security, compliance and productivity services all-in-one. Some examples, in additional to Registered Email® certified e-delivery tracking and proof, email encryption, eSignatures, and secure large file sharing, include:

SideNote® Private Notes: Append a yellow private note at the top of your email message that is only visible to CC’d or BCC’d recipients.

“Anti-Whaling” Email Imposter Protection: RMail® includes advanced algorithms to detect imposter emails and alert the users.

PDF Conversion: Converts any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file attachments to PDF format, giving your recipients easy access to document attachments whether they have Microsoft Office applications or not.

Metadata Removal: Senders can remove metadata, which pose a serious privacy risk, from any document attachments with just the click of a button.