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How to Track if a Sent Email has Been Delivered and Opened

Have you ever wondered whether that important email was delivered or opened? With RMail®, you’ll know precisely when your emails have been delivered and opened, giving you the assurance and peace-of-mind you need, with the option to follow up at the opportune time. RMail email tracking also provides timestamped proof of message content successfully delivered, returned to the sender in an authenticatable email receipt called a Registered Receipt™ email record.

Summary of Features and Benefits

With RMail®, you can know what happened after you click the send button no matter what platform was used to send Registered Email™ or what system the recipient uses.

Email Open Tracking: notifies sender if and when emails sent are opened and/or successfully delivered or not.

Timestamped Open Reports: Each “open” report tells sender exactly when the email was delivered and exactly when it was opened. Registered Receipt™ Record: Tells sender the delivery status, time of delivery, and exact message content successfully received. This serves as court-admissible certified proof of delivery.