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How to Share Large Files Securely from Microsoft Outlook, Office 365

With RMail®, there’s no need for a separate large file transfer service. Senders can attach, send, and track opening and download of documents and groups of files up to 1 gigabyte in cumulative size. The RMail® File Share service is highly configurable with self-purging options from a one-time online storage box that eliminates the risk of recipients being able to see the sender’s cloud storage files or file directory structure. The sender can easily control levels of security and encryption.

Step-by-Step Instructions

RMail lets you send extra large files securely as easily as you send any file attachment right from Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 or using any web browser with RMail Online.

Step 1: Compose a message, press the “Send Registered” button and choose the “File Share” option on the feature pop panel.

Step 2: Click “Add files” to attach files with a cumulative size of upto 1 gigabyte.

Step 3: The recipient gets a message with sender’s email body and a link to “Download Files” to download the attached files; the sender can optionally add passwords or other encryption levels for privacy. The sender can set RMail to automatically convert to large file sharing format if attachments are cumulatively over a certain file size.