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How to Send Document Attachments Converted into eSignature Process

With RMail®, getting an agreement signed is as easy as attaching your document to an email and checking the “eSignature” option before sending it. The sender and recipient can simultaneously or sequentially eSign the same document, or multiple recipients, creating a bilateral and legally binding agreements. Or, one person can eSign and then it automatically is sent to the next signer in sequence. RMail® has three electronic signature features – E-Paper, Tags and One-Click, each well suited for specific situations or for different workflows. Or for a more guided signing process, advanced templates and rules, users can click to access the full-featured enterprise scale electronic signature service called “RSign®”.

Summary of Settings and Options

RMail® eSignature services – E-Paper, Tags and One-Click can be configured with workflows that are appropriate for each unique situation.

E-Paper: users compose an email, attach a document for electronic signature and send it to the recipient right from email program; the signer can simply click “View & Sign Document” in the email and script his/her name or draw or add their e-signature onto the document displayed in their web browser.

Tags: Very similar to E-Paper, this service lets the sender adds tags to the document at specific locations, the signer input data is placed onto with the specific tagged locations.

One-Click: When the signer clicks “View & Sign Document”, a new composed email opens up pre-addressed to the sender with a special method so that the indication or agreement typed in the email is captured through the RMail® system and the agreement text in place is packaged into a final signed agreement.