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How to Get Registered Receipt Authentication™ for Email Proof

In case of a dispute, the Registered Receipt™ email should be forwarded to the verification address. The RMail® system verifies the receipt’s integrity and reconstructs a validated original, returning it to the sender attached to a Receipt Authentication™ message. The original message content including attachments, SMTP Log, STMP History, MUA Record, HTTP Record and DSN Record, fact of encrypted delivery, official uniform timestamps of sending and delivery, and other transmission forensics is included, authenticated. The verified receipt helps to resolve any dispute or questions that may arise, with the proof of message delivered, message content and timestamps packaged as electronic evidence.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Resolving disputes with the Receipt Authentication™ email is easy.

Step 1. Go to your RMail® Receipts folder in your inbox, or your inbox itself, find the Registered Receipt™ email and forward it to the RPost verification address.

Step 2. Within minutes, the authentication email will be returned; the Receipt Authentication™ message verifies the authenticity of receipt content with underlying internet forensic records of transmission.

Step 3. These forensic records and original messages are court admissible evidence to resolve any dispute about who said what when by email.