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How to Encrypt Email & Documents for Privacy & Compliance

While other encryption services make recipients signup or register for their services to access a sender’s encrypted email, the RMail® email encryption service does not require anything on the recipient’s end. Senders can compose email like normal, attach documents, click the Registered Email™ button, and choose encryption option on the feature panel. The recipient will receive encrypted email and encrypted attachments directly into their inbox.

Summary of Features and Benefits

The RMail® email encryption service makes it easy for senders and recipients to communicate encrypted, without any extra actions at the recipient. Each message also returns a Registered Receipt™ email that provides auditable evidence of encryption compliance, which senders can use in the event of a claim of a data breach to prove that the alleged breach did not happen within their systems of communications. This makes compliance with privacy laws such as HIPAA, HI-Tech, GDPR, FSA, GLB, SOX and other regulatory guidelines easy to prove. RMail® email encryption options include Transmission Encryption and Message Level Encryption. The recipient user experience is different with each. In both, the encrypted email is delivered directly into the recipient’s inbox.