RPostal & Imnudoo Optimize E-Postal Profits, Showcase for PostExpo

October 16, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing

RPostal & Imnudoo Optimize E-Postal Profits, Showcase for PostExpoFrama, with two decades supporting the postal sector, and RPost, the original Registered Email™ provider, continue to innovate together, for the benefit of postal operators internationally.

The combined offering elegantly creates an all-in-one web portal where consumers and businesses can print electronic stamps, franking for packages, send Registered Email™ certified email messages, encrypt sensitive email message and attachments, send contracts for e-signature, and more. The empowering user interface is called Imnudoo. “Think of e-franking meets secure e-mail meets e-sign, all-in-one, accessible from any browser,” states Volker Sommerfeld Head of Product Management at Frama AG.

“We (at Frama) developed Imnudoo to cover the needs of a versatile business communication of any company. The platform enables letters and parcels to be franked and tracked. Supporting high quality digital communication, Imnudoo uses RPost’s award-winning RSign® e-signature and RMail® Registered Email™ technology to send registered electronic mail and contracts for electronic signature,” reports Janik Bütikofer, Product Manager Digital Messaging at Frama AG.

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Behind the scenes, Imnudoo seamlessly connects Frama’s e-postal stamp technology with the postal operator financial systems and RPost’s certified email delivery, encryption, and e-signature cloud technologies.

“We are pleased to showcase our new platform, imnudoo.de, that has been successfully launched in Germany as an integrated business offering of Frama e-franking, Deutsche Post carrier services, and RPost’s RSign® e-signature and RMail® Registered Email™ certified e-delivery proof, email encryption, and secure large file sharing e-security services,” adds Sommerfeld.

This service with the fancy name imnudoo, is designed to accelerate business communication, whether small or large, local or regional, digital or traditional, and has a special program to make it easy for any postal operator to modernize their offerings and expand their reach.

“We at RPost have worked for years to help progressive postal operators offer simple yet valuable digital postal offerings; Imnudoo combines the best of what we brought – RMail & RSign – with a modernized version of the postal operator’s traditional business; franking,” remarks Zafar Khan, RPost CEO. “What Imnudoo brings is a turnkey implementation for the postal operators, making it easy for them to profit in the digital space; all the while simplifying life for their customers everywhere.”

RPost and Frama welcome postal operators everywhere, to brand and offer the Imnudoo platform in their markets.


imnudoo is an online service of Frama AG, a specialist for inbound and outbound mail processing and management of financial and operational data with its own certified data center according to ISO 27001. Integrated and qualified business communication is our mission. We provide added value and communication security, no matter which content and channel. www.frama.com and www.imnudoo.de

RPost® is the global leader in secure and certified electronic communications with its patented e-signature, email encryption, and e-delivery proof technologies. Millions of users have enjoyed these award-winning RMail® and RSign® services for more than a decade in more than 100 countries. RMail specializes in security and compliance with its top-rated email encryption, auditable proof-of-privacy compliance, certified e-delivery, open tracking, and file sharing services. RSign specializes in e-signatures, forms automation, and digitizing transactions and workflows. rmail.com.