Optimize!2020 a Success, 80 Experts Provide E-Sign & E-Security Insights

June 25, 2020 / in News / by RPost Marketing


Optimize!2020, RPost’s global (virtual) user conference, was a fast-paced event designed to help RMail and RSign users and friends optimize e-sign and e-security with rich features and affordability—all at scale.

The virtual conference had 10 to 20-minute panels stacked with experts throughout the day – customers and experts providing their tech insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security through automation, integration, advanced features – all with affordability in mind.

“Optimize!2020 was quite refreshing, as each topic was discussed in a way that kept the conversation lively — without scripted presentations — providing many different viewpoints towards the overall topic of e-sign and e-security needs of feature-rich plus affordability,” states panelist Volker Sommerfeld, product director, Frama.

The conference brought together 80 customer speakers across industries and geographies. Experts joined from around the world — from the Americas – north and south, the United Kingdom, the Nordics, Central Europe, South Africa and Australia.

“Hearing the confidence in customer-panelists from all different industries and regions of the world as they described their reliance on RMail and RSign for years was calming for those of us looking to do more with e-sign and e-security automation,” adds Sommerfeld.

Brand-name companies had staff offer their insights as to how they have optimized e-sign and e-security technologies – companies such as Allianz, Coca Cola, Xerox, Tata, Jungheinrich, Mercury Insurance, Impellam, as well as many others in a wide range of industries, including financial services insurance, law, real estate, healthcare and many more.

The interactive agenda, focused on feature-rich plus affordability, integrating and automating easy and complex processes, as well as democratizing e-sign and e-security services so that companies can affordably scale use in every part of their organization.

And, with so many RMail & RSign updates announced at Optimize!2020, the live ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions and the live demo rooms will continue to be open. They are now open for live interaction with our experts.

Re-live Optimize!2020 in digestible 10 to 20-minute recorded segments or bring your whole team into a live AMA expert session or specialist Demo Room.

All you need to do is:

Enter the conference centerCLICK TO ENTER
Once inside, click the Registration tab for instant access, then:

    • Enter the Main Stage to re-live main e-sign and e-security sessions;
    • Enter the Breakout room to re-live industry and regional experts sessions;
    • Enter the Breakout room to register for AMA Fridays live sessions; and/or
    • Enter the Demo Rooms to one-click schedule one-on-one product demos.

RPost has kept the Optimize!2020 virtual conference center open for you, so please go ahead and share this with your team. Click here to enter the virtual conference center to re-live RPost’s global e-sign and e-security user conference.