RMail Online

RMail Online for Desktop & Mobile Browsers

App Overview:

RMail Online allows anyone using any web browser to send an RMail message with the email Track and Prove, Encrypt, eSign, and File Share features, and more. Each RMail message returns legal and court admissible open tracking, proof of email delivery, proof of privacy compliance Registered Receipt™ and if sent for eSignature, a complete forensic audit-trail of the eSign transaction.

RMail Online works alongside one’s existing email account as an alternate compose and send pane. There is no need to set up a new email address or new email inbox.

Main Services:

  • Track & Prove: Sends a Registered Email™ message. A Registered Receipt™ email record is then returned to the sender with court-admissible time-stamped proof of the content delivered and advanced open tracking.
  • Encrypt: Delivers files and email message body text and attachments encrypted direct to the recipient’s inbox with no need for recipients to register or click links, returning auditable proof of compliance and privacy.
  • eSign: Attach a document and send as a Registered Email™ message with the eSign feature. The message auto-formats so the recipient can use their mouse to electronically draw or type their signature on the document, which returns a legally signed contract to both sender and recipient.

Installation Tips:

There is no installation required.


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How to Register

  1. Click the RMail Online link
  2. Press Create Account
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Look in the inbox of the email address being registered and click the authentication link.
  5. Log into RMail Online and start using RMail services.

Register and Get Started

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App Info



Languages Supported:

App Language: English.

Service Language (Messages, Receipts, etc.):

Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish.

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System Any
Browsers Any
Browser Version Latest
Deployment Single user, user group or company-wide deployment
Updates Automatic upgrades
Requirements Any valid email account
Licensing Per user, shared group of users, or usage-based
“Send Registered” Button location Top left corner of the compose page