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Track, Prove, Encrypt, E-Sign & More

RMail uses 256-bit AES encryption for secure end-to-end delivery.

Receive certified proof of  delivery, time, and exact message content.

Comply with privacy laws such as HIPAA, PII, HITECH, or FSA.

You have a legal obligation to ensure outbound email communication containing personal, private or confidential information is compliant with current laws. Only RMail® returns Legal Proof® delivery records on every send, proving encrypted delivery and content -- and protecting your organization with audit-ready proof of privacy compliance.

Security and Compliance Simplified

Use your existing email address to send RMail messages from any supported Xerox machine. You can also send RMail messages from your Outlook, Gmail, or any of our many supported platforms.

Easy for both senders & recipients

Better than "store and forward" services, RMail makes it incredibly easy to send and receive encrypted email. To send, simply compose your email, click "Send Registered," and choose the encrypt option. Recipients receive the encrypted email directly in their inbox.

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