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Wealth Counsel: Tech Toolkit for Modern Lawyers

This is an educational session to bring awareness of today’s issues and common misconceptions.

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Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost, explains why traditional email is not good for important notices and how modern lawyers can use RMail® and RSign® as a trusted tech toolkit for Legal Proof® records in courts and to get e-signatures of recipients onto documents.

Summary of the Webinar

For more than a decade, RPost has been serving lawyers in the United States and other countries with Email Security, E-Sign and Registered Email™ services.

In this educational session, Zafar Khan addresses the following common misconceptions:

  • Problems with sending emails over simple TLS
  • Common issues with link-retrieval
  • Copying yourself or assistant to prove email sent
  • Bounce notices and email delivery
  • Read receipts and HTML open tracking
  • Archive/file software, and sever logs to prove communication

Many bar associations recommend RMail® as their top pick to prove email delivery and email message content, and for email security. RSign converts legal and contract e-signatures and notices from paper to electronic delivery. 

Zafar Khan continues the educational session explaining how modern lawyers use RMail® and RSign® as a trusted tech toolkit: