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Title, Escrow, Real Estate

Living in the Cyber-Thief Crosshairs: Tactics for Title, Escrow, Real Estate Agents

Today’s title insurance, escrow, closing, mortgage, real estate agent and their teams are in the cross hairs of cyber-thieves. These thieves know that there is no other industry sector that moves so much money in meaningfully sized wire transfers between small businesses and consumers and they have collectively tricked the unsuspecting out of billions of dollars. There is no simple cure to prevent these “mis-wires” or detect all of the potential for these ever more sophisticated cyber thief “wire fraud” schemes other than to layer up e-security.

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This webinar will showcase today’s e-security challenges and delve into another layer of unique solutions including end user “in-the-moment-of-sending” e-security recommendations to simplify training and minimize wire fraud mishaps, prevention of mis-directed email sends, and new ability to see the normally unseen.

Summary of the Webinar

This webinar will showcase new e-security AI now running inside the Microsoft 365 Outlook user interface with the latest RMail e-security and RSign e-signature installation. Special peer guests include Maureen Medved of Homestead Title and Escrow; plus, e-security and e-sign experts from the host, RPost.