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Steve Anderson: Insurance Work-from-Home Tools

Steve Anderson, insurance technology guru, author and speaker, provides tips and tools that insurance agents require to adjust to the new work environment “work-from-home”.

In this insurance industry educational session, Steve Anderson talks about the need for insurance agents to be extra vigilant about cyber security and phishing emails. He also explains the need to use electronic signatures and email security in the new work environment.

Summary of the Webinar

During these pandemic times, insurance agencies are deemed as essential services, so insurance agents need to adapt and ensure they are productive working from home.

Steve Anderson, insurance technology guru, author & speaker, talks tips and tools that help insurance agents working remotely.

Tips for Working Remote – Helping Insurance Agents:

  • Create work-from-home guidelines for your agency
  • Setup home offices: equipment, space tips and recommendations for agents
  • Time management for remote Insurance agents

Software Tools for Remote Insurance Agents:

  • Agency collaboration and productivity tools
  • Agency management, information security, electronic signatures and email security tools

Jake Finnel, Vice President Business Development at RPost, continues the session demonstrating RMail® and RSign® capabilities that help insurance agents to work-from-home:

  • RMail® – Track & Prove and Registered Email™ message
  • RMail® email encryption – encryption over TLS and password protected AES 256-bit encrypted PDF wrapper.
  • How RMail® can be of help for phishing emails with its Anti-Whaling feature.
  • RMail Auto-Encrypt Security Gateway – seamlessly integrates into insurance agency management system for automated email encryption with rules and centralized management.
  • RMail® email encryption comparison
  • Delivery reports – detailed reports containing metrics and statistics that may be integrated to other applications for reconciliation, peace of mind or additional processes.
  • RSign platform – preparing and sending documents for e-signing, creating reusable templates, e-signing process and document management with administrator options.