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Steve Anderson Exclusive: Cyber Insurance and E-Security

While talking about the trends and opportunities in the cyber insurance market, Steve Anderson explains the necessity of insurance agents and brokers to understand a bit more about technology, how it impacts their own operations and their clients. Jake Finnell, Vice President of Business Development at RPost, talks about Data Security with RMail® and RSign.

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Summary of the Webinar

Insurance technology expert, speaker and author, Steve Anderson, talks about the trends that have emerged in the cyber insurance market:

Trend 1: Purchases of cyber insurance coverages are on the rise.
Trend 2: Businesses that have traditionally not viewed themselves as at risk from cyber-attacks (non-traditional buyers)
are now purchasing cyber insurance.
Trend 3 – Businesses are purchasing high cyber insurance limits.

Adding to the trends and opportunities, Steve Anderson explains cyber insurance – coverage types and what they cover, and cyber liability insurance policies and application processes.

Jake Finnell, Vice President of Business Development at RPost, walks through the demo of the Registered Receipt™ email, Email Encryption, Email Tracking and Legal Proof®, E-Signing, LargeMail™ and SideNote®.