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ResWare: E-Security for Title Insurance

ResWare® users can now use RMail® for proof of delivery of “TRID” initial or revised Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures. This webinar demonstrates RMail® features – Email Encryption, Registered Email™ service, Registered Receipt™ email, Registered Receipt™ authentication and Legal Proof® e-delivery certification. It also includes the demonstration of sending emails through ResWare® with RMail® options, and a sender view and recipient view.

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Summary of the Product Session

RMail® is now available within ResWare®, a smart and scalable workflow automation solution powered by Adeptive Software Corporation, now made better with RMail for proof of delivery of “TRID” initial or revised Loan Estimates and Closing Disclosures, e-signatures, email encryption, and email wire fraud protection.

In the webinar, Jake Finnell, Vice President at RPost explains the following:

– Track & Prove – Registered Email™ service with TRID proof of delivery and proof of receipt
– Recipient view of Registered Email™ message banner “Registered Email: Certified Delivery, Content & Time”.
– Registered Receipt™ email – Proof of Receipt, Proof of Delivery, Self-Contained Forensics, Durable and Verifiable.

While explaining RMail® email encryption, Finnell discusses the following:

– Recipient view of encrypted email banner “Transmission Encrypted”.
– Email Encryption methods – TLS Encryption Direct Delivery and
– Password Protected AES 256-bit Encrypted PDF Wrapper.
– Recipient view and how can recipients can reply securely to encrypted Registered Email™ message.

After Finnell’s explanation, the ResWare® team demonstrates how to send emails through ResWare® with RMail® options – Registered Email legal certified email delivery proof, and email encryption from a sender view and recipient view.