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IA&B: Email Security for Insurance Professionals

This is a product session with reference to the RPost partner IA&B Insurance Agents & Brokers. Jake Finnell, Vice President Business Development at RPost, explains RMail® features – Registered Email™ service, Email Encryption, E-Sign, Large File Transfer and Email Fraud Alert Detection services. Jake Finnell also explains the RSign platform – document preparation, reusable templates creation, e-signing processes, and the platform manage area.

Summary of the Product Session

This product session starts with Jake Finnell, Vice President Business Development at RPost, briefing about RPost.

For more than 10 years, RPost has been providing Email Security and E-Sign services for the insurance industry. Having clients ranging from 1 or 2 employees to 1000s of employees, RPost has clientele across the globe.

Jake Finnell covers the following topics in this session:

– Common Email Misconceptions
– Business Email Compromise attacks and how RMail® can help with its Anti-Whaling feature.
– RMail® email encryption methods – encryption over TLS and password protected AES 256-bit encrypted PDF wrapper.
– RMail® bi-direction email encryption – how recipients can reply encrypted.
– RMail® – Track & Prove
– RMail® Registered Email message – recipient view
– RMail Auto-Encrypt Security Gateway – seamlessly integrates into insurance agency management system for automated email encryption with rules and centralized management.
– RMail® email encryption comparison
– Delivery reports – detailed reports containing metrics and statistics that may be integrated to other applications for reconciliation, peace of mind or additional processes.
– RSign platform – preparing and sending documents for e-signing, creating reusable templates, e-signing process and document management with administrator options.
– System requirements – supported browsers and supported file formats