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Florida Bar: Work-from-Home Tech Toolkit for Lawyers

In this Florida Bar webinar, Jake Finnell, Vice President at RPost, educates on best practices, tech tools, and tips to simplify and secure lawyers’ work-from-home environment. He reviews common email misconceptions from a legal perspective. He explains how legal firms and lawyers can use RMail® and RSign® for email encryption, Registered Email™ service proof of delivery, and e-signatures. Finnell also covers how RMail® can be used within cleanDocs, a DocsCorp product, for the best in cleaning metadata from files and minimizing other data leaks.

Summary of the Webinar

In this Florida Bar educational webinar, Jake Finnell, Vice President at RPost, reviews best practices and tools to optimize lawyers’ work-from-home environment, from video conferencing, virtual receptionists, and billing & accounting systems to e-sign and e-security tools including replacing courier and certified mail with Registered Email services.

Jake Finnell further explains how RMail® email encryption and RSign® e-signatures can become powerful tools for legal firms and lawyers in the new work-from-home environment, explaining the following the topics:

  1. Email Misconceptions from a legal perspective.
  2. Legal Proof® of email delivery and email content & attachments with regular email services.
  3. Intuitive email encryption using RMail® for both senders and recipients.
  4. Encrypted email direct to the recipient inbox using RMail®.
  5. Benefits of encrypted email direct delivery to recipient inbox.
  6. RMail® user interface and features within Microsoft Outlook which includes:
    a. Registered Email® – Open Track, Delivery, Content Proof,
    b. Email Encryption – Data Privacy, Proof of Compliance, Direct Delivery,
    c. TLS Encryption and Password Protected AES 256-bit encrypted PDF Wrapper,
    d. Electronic Signatures – Speed Signoff, and Legal Authentication,
    e. Large File Transfer – Upto 1 GB file transfers from Outlook, and
    f. Email Fraud Alert – Suspicious Reply-To Auto Warning.

Finnell details RMail® features and the benefits of email encryption – sender view and recipient view, Registered Email™ message – recipient view, Registered Email™ message banner importance, and the Registered Receipt™ email and Registered Receipt™ authentication which are used prove email delivery and email content to the recipient and the court.

Finnell explains the differences between Miscrosoft Outlook “Read Receipt” and “RMail® Registered Recepit™ authentication”. He further talks about the importance of meta data scrubbing and how RMail® enables senders to easily do that. He demonstrates RMail® and cleanDocs integrates, and the following: recipient checking, scrubbing meta data, and RMail® Track, Prove, E-Sign and Encrypt features with cleanDocs.