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Florida Bar: Email Security for Lawyers

In this Florida Bar webinar, Jake Finnell, Vice President at RPost, educates on three major trends in privacy laws in the U.S, Europe and other countries, common email misconceptions from a legal perspective, email encryption methods – TLS, store & forward, and direct delivery, and RMail® email encryption & RSign e-signature services.

Summary of the Webinar

Jake Finnell, Vice President at RPost, starts the webinar with the agenda: 

  • Overview of Compliance Requirements
  • Common Email Misconceptions
  • Email Encryption Methods
  • Securing Data with RMail® and e-signatures with RSign®

After discussing the agenda, Jake talks about each section in detail:

  • Overview of Compliance Requirements - covers the changing privacy laws in some U.S states, Europe and other countries, and the expanded compliance requirements for encryption, data security and data breach.
  • Common Email Misconceptions – covers legal perspective on email bounce notices and email delivery, limitations of an email archive or sent folder to prove email delivery, and simple TLS encryption challenges.
  • Email Encryption methods – covers challenges of TLS encryption and Store & Forward encryption, and the benefits of Direct-Mailbox encryption that RMail® email encryption uses.

this webinar further covers:

  • Overview of the RMail® plugin or addon for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.
  • All-inclusive email app RMail® features:
  • Registered Email – Open Track, Delivery, Content Proof
  • Email Encryption – Data Privacy, Proof of Compliance, Direct Delivery, TLS Encryption and Password Protected AES 256-bit encrypted PDF Wrapper.
  • Electronic Signatures – Speed Signoff, Authenticated Legal
  • Large File Transfer – Upto 1 GB file transfers from Outlook
  • Email Fraud Alert – Suspicious Reply-To Auto Warning
  • RMail® Security Gateway - automated email encryption with rules and centralized management.
  • RMail® encryption comparison “Email Centric vs Website Centric”
  • E-Delivery Reports

After explaining about RMail® features, Finnell explains how RSign e-signatures simplify businesses with the following: 

  • Document preparation – drag and drop options
  • Document security options: document expiration, document access code to sign and document access code to open
  • RSign Advance features: Save and Reuse an entire workflow, Sharing  templates with other group users, APIs to Extend business applications, and Real time visibility.