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Everything “E” for Notices & Tenant Agreements for Self-Storage Operators

Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost, Scott I. Zucker from Weissmann Zucker Euster Morochnik & Garber P.C. and Carlos Kaslow from Self-Storage Legal Network, LLC will provide important tips for self-storage operators.

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While most states now permit lien notices to be inside Registered Email™ messages, and most operators use this RMail method, there are some new measures that those operating in California and some other states are confronting with regards to e-notices, from enhanced security requirements to personal privacy issues related to the California Consumer Privacy Act to more volume of e-sign (and hunt for more automation and affordability). This is a how-to session for all that relates to “E” for liens, pre-lien and other notices with personal consumer information, capturing and recording proof of consent for e-notice and e-sign, and in-store-and-remote e-signing of tenant agreements.

Summary of the Webinar

Zafar Khan, Scott I. Zucker and Carlos Kaslow will provide tips gathered from the field (from your fellow self-storage operators) related on how to deal with: 

  • E-Lien laws, state-by-state,
  • California’s peculiarities with regards to e-lien,
  • California Consumer Privacy Act and its impact on consumer notices,
  • Why a wave of operators are updating or migrating e-sign for tenant agreements.