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E-Security that Now Lets You See How Secure Your RECIPIENT'S Inbox Is

How to Pre-empt Staff & Clients Mis-Wiring Funds to Criminals Posing as YOU

We’ve entered a new pandemic, one of cybercriminals posing as you, your trusted clients, or carrier contacts, to lure you or they into sending mis-sending payments. 

This cybercriminal trickery, often referred to as Business Email Compromise (BEC) has lured insurance agents, payments staff, clients, and others into sending $2 billion in error; mis-wiring and sending to the cybercriminal posing as a trusted colleague or client typically $10K to $250K per instance.

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In this educational webinar, Steve Anderson, the famous InsurTech guru, will provide a step-by-step walk through of how these targeted cybercriminal attacks play out, and RPost will showcase the latest in e-security that provides your staff the intelligence to thwart or pre-empt, after the cybercriminal hook is in, before the steal. 

This is a must-see not only for you and your staff, but also for you to invite your IT staff and IT consultants – even your clients. These cybercrimes are so successful as they often cut one party to a transaction out of the communication loop (siphoning off communications and posing as a participant in the transaction). Most don’t even know the money was sent to criminals for days or weeks after the mis-wire!

We know a lot of people talk about cybersecurity solutions and one might think they are protected from these cybercrimes by Microsoft or others. You and they are not. This session will showcase what we guarantee your current providers do not do --- all the while easy for you to enable.

Summary of the Webinar

In 40 minutes, you’ll learn from Steve Anderson and RPost about:

  • The anatomy of the most sophisticated and successful cybercriminal wire fraud tactics targeting insurance staff, carriers, and clients,
  • The newest (and included with RMail) alerts to detect domains that look just like those familiar to you or your clients, but pivot reply email to cybercriminals,
  • How to let your IT staff – or you – have visibility into whether your client or staff email is currently being eavesdropped on by cybercriminals so you can pre-empt their attempts to cause you or them to mis-wire funds, after their hook is in, before a financial loss.