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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping E-SoftSys enhance Self Storage Manager software to better safeguard precious valuables that you choose to store off site.

And we’ve been with them since 2013

RMail & RSign. For Finance & Legal Operations. Self Storage

RMail RSign
Property Management
Self-storage business operations management
United States
Registered Email™, RSign

Primary Use

Registered Email certified e-delivery proof for legal and critical customer notifications such as pre-lien and lien notices, replacing receipt and certified mail requirements. RSign eSignatures for tenant contracts.

Watch full video of Rohan Shenoy discuss at OPTIMIZE!™ 2021.

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We’ve definitely appreciated the support from the RPost team and being able to offer open API and being able to access data points and really providing a feature-rich solution and something that’s cost effective has been great.

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Rohan Shenoy

Rohan Shenoy

VP Operations, Self Storage Manager by E-SoftSys

Main Benefit

RMail Registered Email™ service improves client account maintenance communications, replacing receipt and certified mail. RSign automates client eSignatures. This combination cuts operating costs and improves profitability.

RMail® Registered Email™ service provides legal e-delivery proof and certified notifications to encourage client engagement prior to auctions. RMail nearly eliminates all paper and first class, receipt, and certified mail costs, boosting operator profitability. RSign® provides self-storage operators simple to use and affordable electronic signature functionality tied into electronic customer onboarding and other forms, speeding time to on-board new clients, helping maintain client relationships, and improving overall customer satisfaction; all while dramatically reducing operator costs.


RMail® and RSign® are built into E-SoftSys’s Self Storage Manager software platform using SMTP email routing rules to automate e-delivery tracking and proof, returning the final Registered Receipt™ records into the system to trigger follow-on auction or account maintenance activities. When using the RMail Registered Email™ service, the sender receives an automatic analysis of the delivery forensics, cryptographically sealed to the delivery content and timestamp, and packaged as a Registered Receipt™ proof record. RSign automates fill, edit, confirm and eSigning of client onboarding and other contracts.

E-SoftSys, a Gold Microsoft Partner, is a leading provider of management software for the Self-Storage, Trade Show, Flea Market/Swap Meet, Antique/Craft Malls industry with a number of advanced modules and features such as Online Rentals & Payments, Credit Card interface, Kiosk interface, Accounting software interface, Bar Coding, to name a few.

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