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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping NetDocuments extend their cloud based document & email management service with a sense of security and with an eye towards ease of use.

And we’ve been with them since 2020

RMail and RSign. Email management and Cloud based document service.

RMail RSign
Content Management, SaaS
Cloud based document & email management service
RMail® & RSign®

Primary Use

RMail provides the sense of security to its clients by sending encrypted emails. RSign provides the option of sending and signing documents with the ease of working from home options with its feature rich experience.

Open Quotes

With RMail not only do you get top-level protection of your content when it’s stored under your network, but when you send it to the clients or other external parties, that security can extend to them.

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Mike Sanders

Senior Manager, Solutions Expert Team,

Main Benefit

NetDocuments is bringing security to its clients globally using RMail and making digital signatures easy using RSign.

NetDocuments reports the main benefits of RMail & RSign services as:

  1. Security and being able to send the encrypted emails provides top level protection of the content inside your network and also other external parties, including clients.

  2. The simplicity and ease of using the services complements the sense of security of encrypted emails very well.

  3. The ability to digitally/ electronically sign contents during present covid situation is very important and have that legally binded is very useful for their clients.

  4. Feature richness, elegantly easy and affordable solution makes RMail and RSign one of the most sought after product in the market compared to its competitors.


NetDocuments specializes in maintaining, organizing information for its clients by using RMail encryption services. For RSign, it makes electronic signature easy and safe for its clients globally.

NetDocuments makes everyone more productive by categorizing, organizing, and turning bits of information scattered across millions of documents into one dynamic, unified and accessible source of truth.

Tradenames are owned by the named company. Service benefit is summary, not intended to be a case study.​ RPost technology is patented. RMail, RSign, and RPost are trademarks owned by RPost.