We’re not just securing email and e-signing.

We’re helping DocsCorp meet its mission with its law clients, to save time, all the while ensuring security and compliance.

And we’ve been doing it with them since 2020.

RMail. For Document Management. Legal Sector.

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Document security and data leak prevention

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RMail® & RSign®

Primary Use

Extending cleanDocs with RMail email encryption, Registered Email certified tracking and proof, and e-signatures.

Watch full video of Ben Mitchell discuss RMail and RSign with cleanDocs at Optimize!2020.

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We have enhanced our capabilities by integrating with RMail and RSign.

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Ben Mitchell at DocsCorp

Ben Mitchell

VP of Global Commercial Ops, DocsCorp

Main Benefit

DocsCorp with RMail adds essential document and email security, privacy compliance, e-delivery proof, and e-signatures all-in-one, inside the cleanDocs user interface. Combining products simplifies technology staff workload and reduces client costs.

DocsCorp integrated RMail® into cleanDocs to add RMail® email encryption, Registered Email™ certified tracking and e-delivery proof, and e-signatures as additional data leak prevention, security, and productivity options, into its cleanDocs document metadata cleaning and recipient checking process.

RMail Registered Email™ service provides open tracking, legal e-delivery proof, and if sent encrypted, auditable proof of privacy compliance on a message-by-message basis. RMail encryption options make it simple to securely send to anyone with no recipient requirements, assuring both simplicity and compliance, while improving security.


DocsCorp connected its cleanDocs Microsoft Outlook add-in to the RMail for Outlook add-in using the RMail for Outlook API, which embeds RMail encryption, RMail® and RSign® e-signatures, and RMail® Registered Email™ services into the cleanDocs Microsoft Outlook user interface. Using the RMail for Outlook API made it easy to add the RMail functions without having to re-create RMail programmatic functions.

DocsCorp’s mission is to save clients time through use of its document and security software; and is achieving its mission with companies from single users to multinationals throughout 67 countries.

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