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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping BIGDAVI make its digital signature services unique, digitizing Peru, innovating every step of the way.

And we’ve been with them since 2020.

RMail & RSign. For Certificate Authorities. Secure & Certified Messaging, E-Sign

RMail RSign
Financial Services, Health Care, Legal, Human Resources, and more.
RMail & RSign

Primary Use

Registered Email™ certified email proof of delivery provides risk mitigation and audit-ready records of disclosure e-delivery and privacy compliance. RSign® provides simple to use and secure electronic signature services. Registered Encryption™ to automate email encryption for privacy compliance and regulatory audit requirements.

Main Benefit

BIGDAVI is bringing more e-security and eSignature innovation to its clients everywhere, through RMail and RSign.

BIGDAVI reports the main benefits of RMail and RSign services as:

1. Legal and Auditable Proof. Assurance, confidence, and peace of mind. RSign® makes it easy to view and rely on the Signature Certificate for eSignature tracking, a forensic audit trail, and sent and signed content and timestamp information. A robust record of who signed what when provides confidence that the electronic signature process and record will stand up to scrutiny if ever challenged in the future. Legal Proof®.

2. eSign Simple Enough that People Actually Enjoy Using. Plus, all the features you will ever need. RSign® makes eSignatures so simple for all staff, that it encourages use. More use means more cost savings, administrative time savings, and faster business. RSign includes all the enterprise-grade features and training you will ever need.

3. Assurance of privacy compliance with email encryption simple enough that people enjoy using it. RMail® email encryption is so easy, especially for the recipient, that it encourages use and thereby reduces risk of data breaches or privacy enforcement actions. Not all encryption services are the same; others are too burdensome and, as a result, are little used and therefore increase risk (from non-use or circumvention of use). With today’s more sophisticated privacy regulations and hacker tactics, encryption is essential. RMail makes it easy, enjoyable, automated.


BIGDAVI specializes in helping clients automate and digitize more with RMail and RSign. For each RMail message sent, a Registered Receipt email record is automatically returned providing proof of e-delivery compliance and privacy compliance.

BIGDAVI is one of the largest certificate authorities in Peru.
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