(In)Security Now Visible with First-of-a-Kind Registered Encryption Service by RPost

December 14, 2021 / in News / by RPost Marketing

(In)Security Now Visible with First-of-a-Kind Registered Encryption Service by RPostDecember 14, 2021 – Los Angeles, CA

Prove Your Message Not Only Got to the Receiver and When, But Also that it Traveled the Whole Way Encrypted (or Not)

RPost announces a first-ever email service that displays the level of security – or insecurity – for each stop a message travels from the sender’s desktop to the recipient’s inbox. This patented and patent-pending service, called Registered Encryption™, is part of the RMail service platform and may be accessed inside the RMail for Microsoft 365 Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce.com and other RMail apps; or enabled using API for automated sends.

“We’ve discovered that many mainstream email service providers purport to always transmit messages securely – by TLS for example – but through deep analysis, our research center has seen typically 15% of these supposed secure messages actually being transmitted in plain text,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “What we’re doing with our new Registered Encryption™ service is we’re making the level of encryption or fact of non-encryption elegantly easy to see for end users and their IT staff, so that they can make real-time adjustments before it’s too late.”

The Registered Encryption™ service provides the sender visibility around whether a sent email was in fact delivered encrypted from the sender’s desktop to the recipient’s inbox—similar to the RMail Registered Receipt™ worldwide standard for email delivery proof, but now one additionally receives certified proof of fact of encryption, a report of the acceptability of the level of encryption, or truth of actual non-encryption. Registered Encryption™ will not only show you that your message got to the receiver encrypted but also that it traveled the whole way encrypted (or not).

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“While we all like to believe email systems work like magic and never fail, this is the first time we’re able to visually confirm important messages were transmitted with acceptable levels of security for the situation — and for those regulated by GDPR, it provides the ultimate in audit-ready privacy compliance records like no other,” states Volker Sommerfeld, product director at Frama Communications. “This is spot-on what must have been envisioned when GDPR was drafted.” GDPR Article 5 Clause 1(f) and 2, and Article 32 Clause 1(a) and 1(d) focus on the requirement to protect personal data during transmission with the ability to demonstrate fact of protection of personal data.

Registered Encryption™ service can record whether an email that was sent has remained at an acceptable or best level of encryption from the sender’s desktop through to and while inside the recipient’s inbox while the message is at rest; and can prove if needed – with an auditable and authenticatable record – that the sender did transmit specific content in their message end-to-end encrypted.

“This takes the mystique out of encryption and makes it very tangible – for those in insurance, it provides welcome compliance assurance, confidence, and peace-of-mind for business and IT operators,” adds Frank Sentner, CEO of Sentwood Consulting and longtime ACORD insurance tech expert.

This provides not only sender assurance, confidence, and peace-of-mind, but it also provides compliance staff audit-ready proof of compliance and IT staff early warnings if a server somewhere in the email path is misconfigured from a security perspective. What is deemed as an “acceptable” security level (e.g., TLSv1.2) can also be configured for easy visibility of specific compliance needs.

“We see this service important as it provides users the confidence that their important client sensitive email has been in fact sent securely – in a sense, it let’s them not only trust their email systems as they do today, but also verify visually,” adds Steve Anderson, insurance tech guru & CEO at Catalyit™.

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