Email Security Tops Mindshare with Insurance and Legal Professionals: RPost Survey

August 12, 2022 / in News / by RPost Marketing

Email Security Tops Mindshare with Insurance and Legal Professionals - RPost SurveyRPost Announces its New E-Security Research Gathered from Surveys Alongside its Florida Bar Legal, NetVU Insurance, and General Events.

August 12, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA

RPost announces email security as top of mind among insurance and legal professionals, from its new e-security research conducted alongside its partner events with The Florida Bar and the NetVU insurance user group for Vertafore platforms. Email security concerns — cybercriminal lures, and business and account email compromise induced wire fraud – were a distinct response from email encryption, certified proof of email delivery, document content controls, and e-signatures.

“We’re constantly polling our customer audience to guide our product roadmap,” adds RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We’re seeing a clear distinction in user needs — privacy for compliance, security automation to protect from human error and inadvertent data loss, more abilities to control content even after sent, and AI that thwarts cybersecurity crimes in progress. Our RMail product today meets all of these needs — and were adding more on the pre-crime front.”

  • 79.9% of surveyed professionals rated email security at top of mind; 85% of legal professionals and 68% of insurance professionals.
  • Secondarily, most (59.6%) of surveyed professionals indicated interest in learning more about how to make technology easier, in terms of AI automation within email encryption for privacy compliance and wire fraud protection.

“While we see industry needs evolving with threat changes in the market, we see steady interest in the ‘CYA’ factor – the proof of who said what when, or who encrypted what when for privacy compliance,” adds RPost VP Jake Finnell, whose team sponsored the surveys.

  • Overall, one third of respondents reported that they were most interested in email proof, in two categories, (16%) interest in timestamped certified proof of email content delivered and (13%) interest in proof of privacy compliance.

RMail AI, by RPost®, not only automates email encryption for security of HIPAA related email from within its partner offerings for the legal and insurance sector – or for any user with Outlook, Gmail or a web email, but also now adds “in-the-moment-of-sending” email encryption compliance. Both transmit email encrypted via RPost Registered Email™ messages, adding additional value; tracking timestamped delivery and opening, proving pre-and-post placement correspondence content to protect against E&O issues, and providing a message-level audit record of fact of email privacy compliance.

“The biggest reason that we partnered with RPost is because they really provide an all-in-one solution where users can encrypt email, transfer large files securely, send Registered Email™ messages, send for e-signatures, and more,” remarks Rebecca Shigley, Chief Operating Officer of Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina.

  • Emerging interests, according to survey respondents, include the ability to anticipate e-crimes in progress and thwart them before the steal; and being able to better control content of documents and email even after the send.

The latest versions of RMail address these emerging needs as well. “I’m pleased to see that RPost continues to innovate to this day, for the benefit of many in insurance and other industries,” adds Frank Sentner, principal of Sentwood Consulting, and an InsurTech guru of 45 years.

RPost has been such a significant part of our team as a partner, always eager and willing to jump in and educate our NetVU members whenever asked. For that we thank you, the RPost team,” concludes NetVU business development manager, Lynn Albertson. NetVU is the world’s largest insurance platform user group centered on Vertafore products; both NetVU and Vertafore have partnered with RPost with users/members participating in the survey.

Want to learn more? Re-live a webinar that reviewed how RMail meets these trends, with RPost teams, Frank Sentner and NetVU’s Lynn Albertson –​ click here

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