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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping Health Care Clinics & Hospitals protect the privacy of their patients while speeding critical care.

And we’ve been doing it with them since 2005.

eSign & E-Mail Security for Health Care Clinics & Hospitals

RMail RSign
Electronic Signatures: Main Uses
eSignatures medical forms, HIPAA and GDPR waivers, and e-prescriptions.
Email Security: Main Uses
Transmitting patient referral records and images in a private, HIPAA and GDPR compliant manner, and overall, protecting privacy of patient data in care-related communications.
Popular Features
RMail Gateway email encryption automation, Registered Email e-delivery proof, RSign eSignatures.
Industry Accolades

Winner of the World Mail Award for the Best in Security and consistently recognized by leading tech analysts, Gartner and Forrester. RMail has been selected top choice for privacy compliance by the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants. RSign was named a top five electronic signature service worldwide, with top scores in several categories (Forrester Research eSignature Wave). Additionally, RPost has received the prestigious German Mittelstand Award for Best in Security.

Open Quotes

RMail is easy to integrate, provides state-of-the-art technology, and it makes it easy to encrypt email; importantly encrypting email in a way that automatically provides audit-ready proof of GDPR compliance on a message-by-message basis for the transfer of personal data. Recipients’ acceptance and the simplicity in communicating with third parties have convinced us to use RMail extensively in our company.

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Kemal Webersohn

Chief Executive Officer, WS-Datenschutz GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Features & Benefits

Some of the most popular services for health care professionals are:

  • Email encryption for HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliance automatically delivers email in a unique way to each recipient, creating the simplest user experience for the recipient while returning auditable proof of privacy and compliance to the sender– going far beyond basic TLS and link-retrieval systems. RMail includes different levels of encryption for when it is important to keep messages private from the recipient’s email administrator or email systems like Gmail, and others who may otherwise have access to their email.

    RMail transmission encryption is most popular among health care professionals when communicating referrals, lab results or other private patient information. RMail message-level encryption is most popular when communicating patient information that is very sensitive.

  • Registered Email™ certified e-delivery tracking and proof with optional encryption provides advanced open and delivery tracking and proof, with timestamped proof of original content legally delivered. It returns to the sender a court-admissible timestamped Registered Receipt email without requiring any action or setting at the recipient level.

    Registered Email proof with encryption is most popular when the sender wants audit-ready proof of fact of encrypted, privacy compliant delivery.

  • Secure File Share One-Time-Box™ — RMail provides HIPAA and GDPR compliant secure file sharing. Senders can easily attach and track up to 1GB of files from Outlook or the RMail Web app and send them securely to any recipient with encryption and configurable self-purging options (from 1 to 90 days) in a one-time online storage box that eliminates the risk of download recipients being able to see the sender’s cloud storage file structure.

    RMail Secure File Sharing is most popular when sending patient images to specialists.

  • RSign® eSignatures are the simplest to use, most affordable full featured web-based electronic signature service. RSign makes it easy for signers to complete and sign documents using any desktop or mobile web browser in an intuitive, guided signing process.

    RSign is the easiest way to obtain patient information filled into forms sent by email or posted on websites, with the completed form compiled as a PDF record and with options to automatically back-fill form data into the health care information management system.

  • RMail Gateway Secure Send™ makes it easy to automate and ensure HIPAA and GDPR compliant and auditable encrypted email in all outbound email or for certain messages based on message content, senders, recipients, or patterns inside messages.

    RMail Gateway is popular among IT staff as a simple way to automate encryption from certain senders, to certain recipient domains, based on message content or content patterns like health care numbers, or by adding a “#” or another indicator in the subject of mobile device email.

  • Right Recipient™ reduces risk of sending an email to the wrong person based on Outlook auto-complete address functions. Right Recipient provides an extra check to prevent inadvertent emails being sent to similar names and while checking the address, recommends other options such as encrypting email.

    Right Recipient is useful for all professions that send critical client information to external parties; in particular those using Outlook address auto-complete functions. This service is provided in partnership with cleanDocs DocsCorp.

Peer Reviews

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RPost services are effective for electronic delivery and execution of documents required or regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”).

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Jon Neiditz and Amanda Witt

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP lawyers reviewed RPost services and presented a legal opinion confirming that our services are effective for electronic delivery and execution of documents required or regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). Based on their analysis, the attorneys presented the following conclusions:

  • An RPost electronic signature can be used when a signature is required by a document governed by HIPAA and is as legally enforceable and legally effective as a ‘wet ink’ signature.
  • RPost can be used to deliver documents electronically in conformity with the technical safeguard standards of HIPAA relating to the security of electronic communications of electronic PHI.
  • Where notification is required by HIPAA and in the great majority of U.S. Jurisdictions in which UETA applies, RPost’s core Registered Email service does provide the sender with legally valid evidence that notice has been accomplished under HIPAA, as long as RPost’s resulting Registered Receipt email reports at least successful delivery to the recipient’s mail server.

Contact RPost for a copy of this report.

Requirements: Legal & Compliance

RMail® email encryption provides simple to use and automated privacy compliance for HIPAA, GDPR, and other state and country regulations protecting personal private information, returning auditable proof of privacy compliance in the form of a Registered Receipt™ email record for each message sent.

Disclaimer: Neither RPost nor its affiliates provide legal opinions. The information on RPost and its affiliates and products websites is for general information purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice or to provide any legal opinions. Laws and regulations change from time to time and neither RPost nor its affiliates guarantee that all of the information on RPost and its affiliates websites are current, correct, or with sufficient detail for the purpose of each reader. You should consult your legal counsel for specific jurisiction and issues.
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