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The State of Business Email


RPost Is the Top Choice for Organizations Looking for E-Signatures and E-security, Considering the State of Today’s Business Email Environment.

With the rise of increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals, the institutional loss of privacy and the global decline in postal services, the threat is real and demands immediate attention. This report discusses the current state of business emails in the context of real dangers faced by businesses that rely on email communication. This guide provides a historical context on the rise of the email and growing demand, outlines standard emails’ weaknesses and the trends affecting business emails. In the face of this bleak landscape, it argues that a renewed commitment to data privacy will drive many businesses to address a widening gap between the standard email and their security/privacy needs. They will need an secure e-solution, such as RPost. RPost has set the global standard for email delivery proof, encryption and e-signatures with its patented Registered Email™ technology.