We’re not just securing email and e-signing.

We’re helping Sisson Law with tracking invoices from clients and also obtaining proof of date and delivery when working with inventors.

And we’ve been with them since 2020.

RMail. For Intellectual property needs.

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Intellectual Property

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Primary Use

RMail for tracking the invoices of the clients during the whole process. This feature also helps in resolving issues & generating date of invention related to Intellectual property & Inventions using Registered Receipt email feature and Track & Prove feature.

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At present, we only use RPost. We have had it for a long long time. We find it exceptionally effective, as other people have said.

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Edwin Sisson

Sisson Law

Main Benefit

Sisson Law is bringing more transparency and conflict management during inventions and IP conflicts using RMail.

Sisson Law reports the main benefits of RMail services as:

    1. Tracking the invoices of the customers by using the proof of delivery by RMail Registered receipt feature.
    2. While dealing with Investors, getting the data of the idea generation and date of invention by using RMail’s proof of delivery, content and time . It is used to resolve issues & make things simple during collaboration agreement.
    3. The banner sign in the RMail (using the Track & Prove – Marked as Registered Email message feature) also gives the sense of importance and emphasis while sharing documents and mails with the clients.


Sisson Law focusses on Intellectual property needs of its clients by using RMail services to resolve conflict during inventions.

Sisson Law helps its customers by providing education and straightforward approaches to addressing their current and anticipated intellectual property needs.

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