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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We’re helping LegalTechBuddy to ensure security and ease of use with its clients on various technologies.

And we’ve been with them since 2020.

RMail. For Technology management

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Primary Use

RMail features such as Track & Prove and Encryption makes the sharing of sensitive information to its clients secure and easy to use.

Open Quotes

RMail’s Track & Prove, which is being able to defensively encapsulate a conversation that happened via emails, is a very unique technology.

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Dennis McCarthy

CEO, LegalTechBuddy

Main Benefit

LegalTechBuddy is assisting its clients with various technologies in implementing eSignature and e-security solutions for small businesses.

LegalTechBuddy reports the main benefits of RMail and RSign services are:

  1. Track & Prove service defensively encapsulates a conversation that happened in the email. It provides details like proof of delivery, content and time.
  2. The emails can be encrypted with a single click of button. This makes it robust and easy to use for the external parties and clients as well.


LegalTechBuddy specializes in providing technological assistance on various projects using RMail services.

LegalTechBuddy assists its clients with internet and computer protection, IT Support, Cloud Service and Data Backup.


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