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We’re not just securing email and eSigning.

We‘re helping agencies like Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency insure their customers with the latest eSignature and e-security technology.

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RMail RSign
Business, Personal, and Employee Benefits Insurance
Ohio, United States
RMail® & RSign®

Primary Use

RMail® with Applied Systems Epic makes it easy to automate email encryption for privacy compliance, for message content that originates inside Applied Epic agency management system. Registered Email™ certified email proof of delivery provides risk mitigation. RSign® Online interface integrates with Applied Epic business processes and provides simple to use and secure electronic signature services.

Watch Erin Beals full panel session at OPTIMIZE!™ 2021.

Open Quotes

We are in an industry where we have to have signed applications and signed electronic funds transfer forms. The simplicity of RSign, from both our end and the client end, was incredibly important.

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Erin Beals

Erin Beals

Operations Manager, Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency

Open Quotes

  • We have a mature clientele, and we honestly thought sending them an application or any form through RSign would be impossible, but it worked! We really have not had any concerns or hiccups…The system just allows itself to be very user-friendly.
  • We are on Applied Epic, and we very highly speak of the RMail add-in for Outlook. It’s just very seamless for us. And then RSign works very easy with Applied Epic. We just drop and drag the received documents into Epic. It’s one click, and it’s there, and we haven’t had any issues.

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Main Benefit

Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency has optimized sending encrypted email, Registered Email messages with proof of delivery and privacy, and RSign electronic signature services which benefits its clients and the carriers it interacts with.

Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency reports the main benefits of RMail and RSign services as:

  1. Assurance of privacy compliance with email encryption simple enough that people enjoy using it. RMail® email encryption is so easy, especially for the recipient, that it encourages use and thereby reduces risk of data breaches or privacy enforcement actions. Not all encryption services are the same; others are too burdensome and, as a result, are little used and therefore increase risk (from non-use or circumvention of use). With today’s more sophisticated privacy regulations (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR) and hacker tactics, encryption is essential. RMail makes it easy, enjoyable, automated.
  2. Peace of mind, end-user visibility of successful delivery for important messages, with proof. RMail® Registered Email™ services makes delivery and open tracking visible to the sender, providing assurance and peace of mind that important email was successfully delivered. This is returned in the self-authenticating Registered Receipt™ e-record, making it easy to resolve disputes – as easy as forwarding this receipt to any questioning party. The receipt is a self-contained forensic record, eliminating the need to scour server logs to try to investigate and present delivery evidence.
  3. Cost savings with less paper, mail, postage, and administrative time. RMail® Registered Email™ and RSign® electronic signature services replace printing, postage (first class, receipt, and certified mail), scanning, faxing, administrative work and other hard costs. Businesses can send required notices with proof of content delivered and timestamped. Users can easily send agreements for recipient electronic signoff or easily eSign documents that they receive, thus saving wasted time, cost, and other drains on your business.
  4. eSign Simple Enough that People Actually Enjoy Using. Plus, all the features you will ever need. RSign® makes eSignatures so simple for all staff, that it encourages use. More use means more cost savings, administrative time savings, and faster business. RSign® includes all the enterprise-grade features and training you will ever need.


Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency uses RMail and RSign services to support clients and the carriers they represent. Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency automates email encryption by using the RMail interface running within Microsoft Outlook which hooks with Applied Systems Epic agency management system. This makes it easy and automated for staff to send encrypted email for privacy compliance and e-security, plus returns proof of privacy and e-delivery compliance. For each message sent, a Registered Receipt email record is automatically returned providing proof of e-delivery compliance and privacy compliance. Andres O’Neil & Lowe Agency automates electronic signatures with RSign Online. Each message sent for e-signature automatically manages the eSign and form fill process, returning certified eSignature records.

Andres O’Neil & Lowe Insurance Agency combines years of experience with leading-edge products to provide exceptional service and value to our customers. Headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, with personal services designed specifically for each individual client. Andres O’Neil & Lowe Insurance Agency shares information and resources with national networks of brokers.

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