RPost Now Integrated into 60% of the Leading Metadata Removal Platforms

October 18, 2013 / in Blog, Registered Email™ / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

Most law firms, legal professionals, and other professional consultants whose jobs involve heavy use of sensitive documents, understand the risks and potential embarrassment of having excess metadata stored within documents. Metadata contains the identity of those who edited the document, the time and frequency of edits, commentary, the document template and file location, and, in some cases, deleted text.

Three of the five industry leading metadata removal software platforms have now integrated RPost Registered Email® services into their platforms.

The types of messages that include documents requiring metadata to be removed prior to sending are generally high value correspondence to external parties. These are also generally the type of documents and messages where senders would want to track, prove, encrypt, or send for electronic signatures on the attached documents. Now, with RPost integrated into these metadata removal platforms, all RPost functions can be selected simply with an additional mouse-click.

Esquire Innovations’ iScrub software was the first to include RPost’s Registered Email services integrated within its Microsoft Outlook app, followed by Microsystems’ 3BClean, and now, Payne Group Metadata Assistant.

RPost is also sponsored or endorsed by more than 20 legal bar associations, including the Florida State Bar.