Enterprise-Grade Electronic Signature Solution for Organizations of Any Size

Enterprise-Grade Electronic Signature Solution for Organizations of Any Size

October 27, 2023 / in Blog / by Zafar Khan, RPost CEO

With RSign, you get, affordable, fast, great, and friendlier to work with—a true grand slam.

You heard one national insurance brand tell you that “15 mins will save you 15%” or that car rental company that “always tries harder.” Well, with RPost we really do try harder AND we’ll save you 50% (or more) on eSignatures over other main providers.

You’ve probably heard the old law of the universe that between affordable, fast, and great, you can only get two out of the three. RPost may well be the exception (except with us, you get affordable, fast, great, AND friendlier to work with—a true grand slam). We hope we haven’t torn the fabric of the space/time continuum in doing so!

Since International Data Corp., often referred to as IDC – one of the world’s leading tech analysts – named RPost a worldwide eSignature LEADER in its assessment of 18 eSignature providers across 27 metrics, I’ve been getting a lot of questions. 

Essentially, they’ve been asking me to summarize in five bullet points, why they should consider switching to or adding RPost for eSignatures.

Rather than trying to paste in the IDC leader quadrant bubble chart from their eSignature worldwide assessment report—as you will see in the IDC Worldwide eSignature report if you click this link, RPost is well-positioned in both major categories: Capabilities and Strategies. When combined, we are a leader out of all the vendors analyzed (click here to download the IDC report).

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While this report is a great read for those tech enthusiasts, for everyone else, here are my five bullets as to answer the question, “Why RPost for eSignature?”

  1. Feature-richness: Without the features you need or have grown to rely on, the rest does not matter. IDC calls this their “Capabilities” vector and, as you can see in their leader quadrant bubble chart, we’re a leader of the pack. But what this really means, is that since we at RPost have been providing eSign for two decades, we’re sure to have all of the main capabilities like advanced templates, static links, tags, sequential signing, dependencies, and much, much more, plus the subtle features, workflow automations, and advanced settings for administrators. And, as IDC notes, we’re a leader of the pack in terms of “Strategies” (aka innovation and future proofing). In short, we at RPost have got what you need today and will have what you’ll be sure to need in the future.
  2. Security and legalities: Feature-rich eSignature services are great, but the whole point is to have a legally binding, court acceptable (if needed) record of who agreed to what when. And, of course, much of what is in agreements needs to remain private. This is why RPost spends so much time on showcasing our eSign with our patented audit trail with the content and signoff metadata all cryptographically associated for court accepted authentication until the end of time. And, since RPost is an eSecurity expert, we’ve the latest in cybercriminal eavesdropping detection and privacy built in. Simply put, you need the best in security and legalities; that’s us at RPost.
  3. Elegantly easy: With all the features, all the legalities, all the security, we know your users really want simplicity. They’re looking for an elegantly easy-to-use from a Preparer, Sender, Signer, and Administrator perspective, and wherever possible, integrated to send from and pull signoff records back into management systems. Again, that’s what we’re all about at RPost. 
  4. Friendlier to work with, user bliss: While we’re a leader based on IDC and others’ qualifications, we’re also not the largest in the world (yet). This means, we need to try harder. We’re here for you, whatever you need, with friendly humans 😉, to not only bring you the tools, but also to help you and your users enjoy getting the most out of them.
  5. Much more affordable to scale: Cost is only important if we also check all the other boxes I just mentioned. And, we at RPost certainly do. So, I’ll keep this simple. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll save you 50% or more in eSignatures. Yes, you heard that, not 15% or more savings, but 50 (five zero) percent savings over other main providers. Think of it this way: if you find yourself rationing use of another eSign offering, just be assured you’ll never have to do that with RPost.

Of course, what I explained above are **my** key points as to why RPost for eSignatures (with our RSign services). But don’t just rely on my summary.

Considering all eSignature software providers analyzed worldwide, Holly Muscolino, IDC Research Vice President, Content Strategies and the Future of Work explained in her worldwide eSignature assessment report:

“RPost's key differentiators are reflected in its ‘RSign Manifesto’: RSign is feature-rich, easy-to-use, friendly to work with, enterprise-grade, and integrated. RPost also has a strong focus on eSign legalities, security, and authentication considering its original Registered Email™ proof of delivery and email encryption products…Organizations of any size looking for an enterprise-grade signing solution should consider RPost, especially if integration with a secure email solution would provide additional critical capabilities. Businesses in regulated industries would find RPost's security features especially compelling.”

So, there you have it. And just in time for the World Series too. Going with RPost for eSignatures is a true grand glam. (Plus, as far as we can tell, the Universe is still functioning.) Feel free to contact us to learn more about how RSign can go to bat for you.