We’re not just securing email and e-signing.

We’re helping the International Factoring Association educate and arm its members on technology to simplify, secure, and modernize asset-based lending.

And we’ve been doing it with them since 2009.

RMail & RSign. Top Choice by the International Factoring Association

RMail & RSign
  • Why RSign E-Signatures?

The most affordable, feature-rich e-sign service in the market.

  • Why RMail Encryption?

Simplifies email encryption for sender and recipient; returns proof of privacy compliance.

  • Why Registered Email™ Proof?

The global standard for court-accepted legal and certified timestamped proof of email delivery and content.

  • Member Benefits

Members receive special discounts plus expert customer onboarding, personalized training, and a friendly customer success advocate.

Recommended Use

RMail® simple to use Registered Email™ certified email proof of delivery for risk mitigation around notices of assignment and who said what to whom and when by email. Email encryption for financial transfer and sharing of contract and financial details. RSign® for electronic signatures with loan agreements, factor valuation confirmations, contingency agreements, letters of intent, contracts and forms.

Member Advocate

Like many International Factoring Association members, asset based lenders have been enjoying RMail, Registered Email™ certified email proof of delivery, and RSign services (read customer story). The International Factoring Association is one of the largest organizations in the world dedicated to the business of factoring.

Watch Raine Munson’s full panel session at Optimize! FinTech (click here)

opening quote

When we get new debtors on, we send out an RMail. It’s so much easier than what we were doing before [with] green card receipts.

closing quote
Centennial Bank

Raine Munson

Business Manager Processor, Centennial Bank

Main Benefit

International Factoring Association members report the main benefits of RMail and RSign services as Registered Email™ certified email proof of delivery for risk mitigation around notices of assignment. Email encryption for sharing financial transfer details. RSign® for electronic signatures with loan agreements and asset valuation confirmations. Cost savings with reduced paper, courier, administrative time, and postage.

We Try Harder RMail Suzie
At RPost, we simply can’t afford to make you enter a support queue. Or upcharge for each feature. Or not be the most affordable. Or not continuously innovate so that we can always be the most feature-rich while easy to use. We can’t be anything less than the best e-sign and e-security product with the best people and service to support you.
Obviously, the thing we try hardest at is just to be there for you. To start you out right with new services that are easy to use, work well and have the features you need now (and will need in the future). We will give you the training and attention your team needs from a support staff that makes us proud every day.
Why do we do this? Because we’ve learned over the last 20 years in this business that our customers are counting on us every day. Because we live and breathe security and process optimization. Because we can’t afford to take you for granted. We try harder to ensure your success.

Go With Us.

We’re the most affordable, feature-rich and elegantly easy to use, and the friendliest to work with. We try harder.

Thank you, to the more than 25 million people the world over that have put their trust in our team and technology, since 2000.


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Why We Are Unique

Our connectors and APIs make it easy to provide access to, automate or extend your business systems with seamless integrations.

Breadth of Services

Breadth of Services

We’ve built extensive functionality around our RMail, RSign, and Registered Email™ technologies, allowing our users to get even more out of their business operations.



Click the “Send Registered” button on your preferred platform to access all RMail sending options. Sending important information by secure, authenticatable and private email has never been easier.

Legal Proof

Legal Proof

For every message sent, automatically receive robust evidentiary records for your email correspondence in the form of our Registered Receipt™ email record.



Get on-demand, third-party authentication of message content, time, delivery status, privacy compliance, and more.

Customer Stories

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