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RMail® – Secure Messaging

Email Encryption, File Share & More


RMail is an all-in-one solution to track, prove, e-sign, encrypt and more…

RSign® – E-Sign Anywhere

E-Signatures, Templates & More


RSign is a web-based app that makes it easy to prepare and send any document to be signed electronically by anyone…

Registered Email™ – Peace of Mind

Track, Prove & Certify E-Delivery


Registered Email™ service is the original, patented, standard for legal and verifiable proof of email delivery, content, and time…

Why We Are Unique

Our connectors and APIs make it easy to provide access to, automate or extend your business systems with seamless integrations.

Breadth of Services

We’ve built extensive functionality around our Registered Email™ technology, allowing our users to get even more out of their Registered Email™-powered platforms.


Click the “Send Registered” button on your preferred platform to access all RPost sending options. Sending important information by email has never been easier.

Legal Proof

Automatically receive robust evidentiary records for your email correspondence in the form of our Registered Receipt™ email record.


Get on-demand, third-party authentication of message content, time, delivery status, privacy compliance, and more.

Customer Stories

The Doctors Company


We’re helping The Doctors Company keep your doctor focused on cures by simplifying private communications.

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We’re helping Euronext make markets operate efficiently, securing safe wealth creation opportunities for you.

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United Nations WIPO


We’re helping the United Nations’ WIPO protect your intellectual property to maintain order worldwide.

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Platform Stories



We’re helping Microsoft make Office better for your business.

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We’re helping Salesforce and its customers automate customer interactions to simplify business, compliance, and contracting.

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We’re helping Xerox and its clients securely send scanned documents, making it safe to reduce paper and save more forests.

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Our Technology Distributors

Ingram Micro Global

IT Provider

We’re working with Ingram Micro to help their partners bring feature-rich and affordability to local customers globally.

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SoftwareOne Global

IT Provider

We’re working with SoftwareOne to help procurement managers the world over acquire feature-rich plus affordable.

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Dell Global

IT Provider

We’re helping Dell achieve their mission of modernizing all things digital for their clients everywhere, enhancing their current offerings with elegant tools and innovation.

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Our Industry Advocates

The Florida Bar


We’re helping The Florida Bar educate and arm its members on the tech essentials for the modern lawyer.

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British Insurance Brokers’ Association


We’re helping British Insurance Brokers’ Association members optimize operations, insure faster, and protect client secrets.

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Association of Professional Compliance Consultants

Finance & Compliance

We’re helping the Association of Professional Compliance Consultants arm members with tech to modernize, while meeting the strictest compliance requirements.

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Our connectors and APIs make it easy to provide access to, automate or extend your business systems with seamless integrations.